Set of Themes

Finance Group

  • The Finance Group at CIRANO has twenty active Fellows drawn primarily from the Economics and Finance Departments of Montreal area universities. As well, we have research contacts with colleagues at other institutions in Canada, the United States and Europe.

  • We have developed fruitful working relationships with our partners working on projects in specific areas of risk management, portfolio management and derivatives. Issues in investment evaluation, governance and the relation between financial markets and the macroeconomy have also been the focus of collaboration.

  • CIRANO research professionals act as the interface between fellows and partners in specific projects. We aim to transfer fundamental results and techniques from the research frontier to our partners in relevant and usable form. Where useful, we develop modules or software that incorporate these results for active application.

  • The Finance Group also sponsors a portfolio of conferences, events and workshops. These range from conferences on issues in market volatility, where recent work of international experts is presented, to lunches on risk management which are of interest to financial practitioners. Our web page should be consulted regularly for the announcements of these events.


Modules in Finance

» Option Pricing
» Copulas and Dependence     Measures
» Portfolio Hedging
» CDO Pricing
» Hedge Funds
» VaR: LDA